Clam Digging!

May 7, 2023


May 7, 2023    
7:00 am - 12:00 pm
We are excited to share our very first Sunday-Funday event May 7th
Clam Digging! $50.00
• Knappa Pizza
o bus leaves at 6AM
• Hondo’s Brewery
o bus leaves at 6:20AM
• Chevron Long beach and (get your clam license here)
We will all get on the fun bus and we will show you the best places on the beach.
We will provide the tools:
Clam gun
A few poles to share
You provide the day clam license (shellfish license or razor clam only)
Approx. $20.00 for non-residents
We provide a beach fire and will show you how to clean the clams
You provide extra layer of clothes, rain coats
We provide hot coffee and orange juice
You provide any extras 😊
The next day, we will invite you to an online event where you will get Bill's favorable clam chowder recipe and can cook right along with us from our home kitchens.
Purchase from QR code for Sunday-Funday event May 7th
Clam Digging! $50.00