The Tour of Astoria is a small-group bus tour that offers a mix of historical and current attractions to enhance your visit and inspire you. Some of the highlights of this tour include: – Pilings on the Columbia River – Locations around town featured in popular movies – Saddle Mountain Legend – Intriguing aspects of Pioneer Cemetery – Astoria Column, where we stay for 20 minutes – 1890 Queen Anne Victorian homes – Astoria Downtown, Shanghaied and crimping – Garden of the Surging Waves – Flavel House and Oregon Film Museum (20-minute stop) – John Jacob Astor Hotel – Duane Street, also known as Alcohol Valley – Fort Astoria – Columbia Maritime Museum – Nordic Center – Millpond Houses – Pink Pig – Kindergarten Cop Grade school – Goonies House – Free Willy House – Pier 39 (30-minute stop) – Walking through Hanthorn Cannery Museum and seeing the Sea Lions.
On our tour, we will have a small trivia contest and take a photo with the Astoria background. We will also ask you what you liked about the tour, what we can improve, and what you wish to see more. As we head back to the ship, we will make a stop in Union Town, also known as Finn Town, where you can take photos before returning to your boat.
If you’re eager for more, we will take you back to town as an encore. We’ll find a meeting spot in the city that allows you to explore freely. This way, you can continue to immerse yourself in the unique charm of Astoria, creating your own memorable experiences. We will stay in town and give you time to regroup so we can get you back to your ship.