Behind our Tours

What Makes Us Different

The Ultimate Experience

We have collaborated with local partners to curate the ultimate experience. Our package includes exciting games, exclusive prizes, and an adventure card sent to you at no extra cost for private bookings.

Environmental Sustainability

We prioritize maintaining the ecological balance of our planet’s natural environment and conserving natural resources to support the well-being of current and future generations. We have eliminated plastic bottled water from our service as part of our efforts. Instead, we offer a bottled water dispenser on the bus that you can use to fill up your reusable cup. If you don’t have a reusable cup, purchase a keepsake reusable glass bottle for $12.00. Furthermore, if you use a reusable cup, we will reward you with a sand dollar we collected as a keepsake. We also aim to reduce the use of plastic bags, so we will provide reusable bags to help you carry the keepsakes you find on the coast. We take cleanliness seriously and wash out garbage cans between each tour.




How We Learn

We believe that learning from our community, friends, and family is crucial. At Onward Adventures, we are proud members of the Clatsop County Historical Society, Friends of the Astoria Column, Astoria and Seaside Chamber of Commerce, and Seaside and Astoria Downtown Association. We strive to network with local businesses and learn every day. We also enjoy attending a few favorite lectures, such as the “TNT” Thursday Night Talks in Astoria and Hops and History in Seaside. We then share these stories with our visitors like you! Some of our favorites have been learning about the Desdemona Sands and the Daddy Train. Furthermore, we participate in the Small Business Development Center at the Clatsop Community College, where we have access to the best small business advisors. We would like to express our gratitude to Meyer for all the help and support. We learn something new with every tour we do, and we always strive to find answers to unique questions. Thank you for helping us become the best we can be.

How this all started

Let me tell you how I named my business Onward Adventures and why I consider myself a local.

In Jim Albert’s book about Westport, Oregon, it’s mentioned that the first ship to dock in West Slough was named Onward, which arrived in 1863. John West was advised to change the name to Westport because it was a port, not a slough. Westport holds my earliest memories, so I named my business after it. Westport is located about 30 minutes away from Astoria. In the early 1980s, my mother moved to Astoria and lived across the street from John Jacob Astor Grade School, also known as Kindergarten Cop Grade School in the Goon Docks. When I purchased a house in Knappa in 2022, it brought me full circle back to the area. During a visit to the Astoria Chamber of Commerce, my boyfriend and I asked which types of businesses were in demand in the area. They suggested that I offer tour guides along with transportation services. Many people called asking for this service during our visit, and the Chamber of Commerce gave my number to a few travelers. I drove them around as part of a pilot program, and based on their feedback, I realized this service was valuable to the community, so I pursued it further. I took the SBDC Launch My Business – Start-up boot camp class and learned the value of surveys and writing out a business plan. But most importantly, I received one-on-one coaching from a local Business Advisor and gained a mentor in this community. A year later, our bookings have doubled. Our customers appreciate the chance to explore historical sites, enjoy scenic views, have the convenience of door-to-door pickup, and customize their itinerary to suit their preferences. Our ultimate goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients and offer them a unique perspective into our beloved hometowns.

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