Astoria Oregon 2024 Spring Love Your Streets

We will be volunteering  for the easy planter Maintenance for downtown. Come join us, we will meet at the garden of the Surging Waves

6-Hour Party Bus Crawl

Jason Hauck - Party of 4 Leis and Clark RV Park - pick up 2 PM Join the Fun Bus for a day of singing, drinking, running in costumes, and exploring local places in Astoria. Come on, sign up, and experience the fun!   Places on list: Galactix Winecraft Rogue Pier 39 Dirty D's Duane […]

Tour of Astoria – Private Tour Astoria – Seaside

2:30 Private Astoria - Seaside 2 people RAV4  $300.00 cash     Party of 5 - Latendresse -Viator (request to keep it to 2 hours for kids' sake) Party of 4 - Gregorek - Viator (request to see as much as possible) Party of 2 -Poirier- Viator - Tour of Astoria/ Tour of Warrenton Party […]

Tour of Astoria – Sold Out

Norwegian Encore - ETA to port 8 AM Headley - Party of - 4 - Viator Llanes - Party of - 2 - Viator Meagley - Party of 2 -Viator Feinstein - 2 - Viator Dawson - 3 -Viator   Thank you for booking the Tour of Astoria. We are now sold out for this […]


We are sold out in the morning; the first available pick-up is at noon. We have limited seats left for the party bus shuttle run! The bus will run from Astoria to Seaside, with stops in between. A round trip costs $30.00, and we often sell out fast, so be sure to book early by […]


Tour of Astoria – Sold Out

April 28, 2024 11AM Tour starts. Cruise ship: HAL Zaandam Disembarkation time: 10 am 14 will be in the bus- 2 will be in the Rav4 Dillow -2 Viator Aspen -4 – Viator Hird – 2 – Viator French-2 -Viator Kerr-2- Viator Van Den Brink – 2-Viator McCleve -2-Viator   We will be parked and […]

Tour of Astoria – SOLD OUT

Crown Princess 7:30 AM - We have 15 travelers! Mark Hersh  - 2 - Paying at bus Vaugn - 5 - Paying at bus Lucie Aguilera - 2 - Viator Roberta Johnson - 2 - Viator Peace - 2 - Viator Rockett - party of 2 - Paying by cash     It looks like […]

Tour of Astoria – SOLD OUT

Arrival information: Cruise ship: Discovery Princess Disembarkation time: 9:00 AM SOLD OUT! Party of 2 - Dyson  -Viator  Party of 2 - Klein -Viator  Party of 2 -  Estridge -Viator  Party of 6 - BENTLEY -Viator Party of 3 Chang/Wiedmeyer - RAV4 - Venmo We will be parked and ready by 9AM but will not […]

Tour of Astoria & Tour of Warrenton

Man Lee - Party of 2 - viator  - Port Let's meet at 9AM off the port. Please visit the Tour of Astoria Facebook page for the video of the walk from the ship to our bus. It is about a 3-minute walk. I'm looking forward to showing you the best of Astoria and even […]

Taking by the Sky – Shuttle Seaside/ Astoria

Want a ride in the fun bus? Taken By The Sky – Fleetwood Mac tribute captures audiences with their authentic performance of the iconic band at the height of their career, representing the music known & loved by millions. The 6-piece from Portland, OR has taken flight with their gorgeous harmonies, unmistakable musicianship and captivating […]

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Tour of Astoria

Tour of Astoria will start at 11 AM, we have door to door pickup before the tour. If you prefer to meet, we will pick up from the Astoria Chamber of Commerce located 111 West Marine Drive.   Experience the best of Astoria with our guided tour! Discover the city, its vibrant culture, and must-see […]

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