Tour of Astoria

We offer door-to-door transportation within Astoria’s city limits. We can pick you up from hotels, homes, or meeting points. Our services include transportation for Sea Cruise and River Boat Cruises. We will meet you an hour after the scheduled port time. More details about the trip will be messaged to you a week in advance. Our bus can accommodate up to 13 people. If the party has less than three people, we will drive you in our RAV4. Our first stop is the Astoria Column, where we will stay for 20 minutes. You can climb the 164 stairs, use the restroom, visit the gift shop, or listen to a story about the Desomona Sands, the Astoria-Megler bridge, and our famous Saddle Mountain legend. After that, we will hop back on the bus and show you our beautiful view and 1890s Queen Anne Victorian Historic homes. We will tell you a story of the practice of crimping and Shanghaiing in Astoria, which ended in 1915. Our next stop is the Flavel House and Film Museum, where we will stay for approximately 20 minutes. You will have enough time to view the Goonies Jeep, the historic jail, walk the beautiful grounds of the Flavel home, and visit the gift shops. Then, we will drive through town, showing you some of our impressive buildings and heritage. We will also visit stores in the Underground shops and point out some places, such as the Goonies house and Kindergarten Cop Grade School. Our next stop is Pier 39, where we will walk over the bridge and see sea lions on a dock out in the water. We will stay on the Pier for half an hour, which is enough time for you to choose a refreshing cold beer, have the tastiest coffee and homemade pastries, and walk through the Bumble Bee Tuna Museum. Finally, we will ask the group how they feel about the time. If we have extra time, we will ask if you would like to include the Big Game Fishing (Hannond Marina) to hear some local stories or to go to the Peter Iredale Shipwreck or Battery Russel. When we return to the bus, we will mention our favorite stores and restaurants and encourage you to keep exploring Astoria.