About our tours and services…

From the drop-down menu, you will find the tours we are offering. However, if you have something else in mind, just give us a call at 503-741-9790.  If we can't provide what you are looking for, we know someone that does!

We ask travelers what they really want when booking with Onward Adventures. Want to know what they said?

“To go where the local people go, hear from our community, emerge into our culture, to feel included in something not everyone would be able to experience on their own, to get the best deals, best food and hear some fun stories about history and where we are today”.

This is now our goal; we are coordinating with other locals to bring together the best experience.

Below are a few things we have been doing in hopes of achieving this goal.

  • Coordinating with other business owners that are willing to come sit with the group to share a story, or a token of appreciation.
  • Coordinating with business owners willing to do a private after-hours “speakeasy”.
  • Wine stores that will give 2 for 1 tasting and the best service possible.
  • Bill’s Salmon dip- people are calling asking if he will please do that again!
  • A Local artist, willing to talk with the group sharing details not easily to see.
  • Taking travelers to the places not easy to find
  • Learning from the Historical Society TNT talks on the best stories to share.
  • Phone a friend – lifeline on the bus – If we don’t know the answer, we call another local to answer - the bus loves hearing from someone that lived through a time they did not.
  • We also provide an adventure card for private bookings, with no extra charge.


Why do we have so many great reviews?

We cater to the travelers, customers that book with us! We are unique and really are passionate of this area and working together!


So, feel free to reach out, let’s get to know each other and hang out for a day!